Carbon Market Insights Americas 2008

Wed, 12 Nov 2008 12:00:00 GMT

Carbon Market Insights Americas 2008

7:00am Registration & Exhibit Hall Open

8:00am Optional Session – Carbon Markets 101
  • Optional and free introduction to the carbon markets for all conference delegates.
10:00am Welcome
  • Per-Otto Wold CEO, Point Carbon
  • Eileen Claussen President, Pew Center on Global Climate Change
10:15am Keynote Address – The Path Forward
  • Janos Pasztor, Director, Environment Management Group, United Nations
  • President-elect’s Environmental Advisor
  • Statement of behalf of the Secretary-General
  • The new administration’s climate plan
  • The impact on ongoing negotiations for a new international agreement
  • Timeline and targets for climate policy developments

Description: What will the new administration do about climate change? Will a cap-and-trade bill be passed in the first 100 days of the new presidency? Will the US agree to a new international climate treaty? We’ll hear the latest on this from a key advisor to the president-elect and from a top UN official, who will discuss how the US elections change the landscape of international negotiations on climate change and where the world will head after 2012, when the first compliance period of the Kyoto Protocol ends.

11:00am Plenary – US Climate Policy: What’s Ahead?
  • Moderator: Eileen Claussen, President, Pew Center on Global Climate Change
  • Steps taken and lessons learned on climate change policy in the 110th Congress
  • Expectations for a new Congress and Administration on enacting climate policy in 2009
  • Major challenges, including cost-containment and allowance value distribution to enacting cap-and-trade in the US, especially in light of the current financial crisis
  • Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), Chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee
  • Larry J. Schweiger, President & CEO, National Wildlife Federation
  • Brian Storms, CEO, APX

Description: With a new Administration and a new Congress, what can we expect to see with regard to US climate policy in 2009? What concrete steps, if any, have the Bush Administration and the 110th Congress taken to advance climate policy and what can we learn from this? If cap and trade is the preferred policy approach, what are the major roadblocks (e.g., target-setting, distribution of allowance value) on the path to successfully enacting the policy? Panelists will discuss these and other important questions policymakers will have to address if the US is to successfully address the issue of climate change.

12.00pm Lunch

1:30pm Managing Costs in a Carbon Market
  • Moderator: Janet Peace, Vice President, Markets and Business Strategy, Pew Center on Global Climate Change
  • Concerns about carbon markets leading to unmanageable costs for participants and the economy
  • Discussion of proposed options for containing high costs: offsets, safety-valve, allowance allocation, oversight board, etc.
  • How would these options affect the efficiency and performance of the market?
Panel Speakers:
  • Mort Webster, Visiting Professor, MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change
  • Jason Patrick, Vice President, Merrill Lynch
  • Steve Corneli, Vice President, Market and Climate Policy, NRG Energy
  • Ben Feldman, Executive Director, Environmental Markets Strategy, JP Morgan
1:30pm Evolving Regional & Global Markets
  • Moderator: Denny Ellerman, Executive Director, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, Sloan School of Management, MIT
  • Panel of experts will discuss emissions trading systems around the world
  • Comparing carbon market approaches
  • Exploring possible linkages
Panel Speakers:
  • Margret Kim, Senior Advisor, International Climate Change and China Program Director, California Air Resources Board
  • Jill Duggan, Head of International Emissions Trading, United Kingdom
  • Peter Zapfel, Directorate General for Environment, European Commission
  • Tim Denne, Director, Covec Limited & New Zealand ICAP Representative
3:30pm Carbon Risk Management
  • Moderator: Veronique Bugnion, Managing Director, Point Carbon
  • The role played by financial institutions in managing carbon risks
  • RGGI auctions: who participated and who stayed on the sidelines?
  • Canadian carbon intensity based financial instruments: how does it work?
Panel Speakers:
  • Annmarie Reynolds, Director, Carbon Exchange, AES
  • Patrick Birley, CEO, ECX
  • Olivia Hartridge, Vice President, Morgan Stanley Commodities
  • Jean-Philippe Brisson, Vice President, Goldman Sachs

3:30pm The Changing Roles of States

  • Moderator: Judi Greenwald, Vice President, Innovative Solutions, Pew Center on Global Climate Change
  • What are the appropriate respective roles for state and federal government in climate policy?
  • Are some complementary policies more effectively implemented at the state level?
  • How can federal policy best support and complement these state efforts?
Panel Speakers:
  • Michael Murray, Regional Vice President, Sempra Energy
  • Janice Adair, Chair, Western Climate Initiative
  • Michael Sole, Secretary, Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Ray Hammarlund, Director, Energy Programs Division, Kansas Corporation Commission
  • Peter Iwanowicz, Director, Climate Change Office, New York State DEC

Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington D.C.