Future Generation: Exploring the New Baseline for Electricity in the Presence of the Inflation Reduction Act

Wed, 15 Feb 2023 17:00:00 GMT

What does the future of electricity look like in the wake of major climate policy packages including the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure, Investment, and Jobs Act? EPRI and Resources for the Future (RFF) will explore recent findings and the latest power sector modeling.

Join us on Wednesday, February 15 for this RFF Live virtual event featuring opening remarks by EPA Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator, Office of Air and Radiation, Joseph Goffman, followed by a panel of energy sector modelers from RFF, EPRI, EPA, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Panelists will present recent findings on how the electricity sector is expected to transform in the coming decades as a result of the IRA, illuminating a new baseline for the sector.

Presented by EPRI and RFF

Opening and Framing
  • Billy Pizer, RFF
  • Robert Chapman, EPRI
  • Joseph Goffman, EPA


  • Karen Palmer, RFF (moderator)
  • John Bistline, EPRI
  • Cara Marcy, EPA
  • Daniel Steinberg, NREL
  • Kevin Rennert, RFF

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