Obama Hosts Off-the-Record Energy Meeting at White House

Posted by Brad Johnson Fri, 08 Mar 2013 23:22:00 GMT

On Thursday, March 7, President Barack Obama met with energy industry executives, cleantech entrepreneurs, and influential Obama supporters to discuss an approach to energy policy that emphasizes fracking, renewables, and energy efficiency.

The White House described the meeting as such: “During the meeting, the president reiterated his commitment to a cleaner and more secure energy future. The discussion covered a variety of topics including the important role of natural gas in our domestic energy portfolio, new opportunities for renewables like wind, solar and advanced biofuels, the importance of clean energy research and development, as well as the promise and potential of increased energy efficiency in our homes and businesses.”

According to The Hill, the only climate scientist in the room was Dr. John Holdren, the White House science adviser. There were no representatives of environmental organizations.

  • James T. Hackett, executive chairman, Anadarko, gas and oil
  • Jeffrey W. Shaw, chief executive, Southwest Gas
  • Lew Hay, executive chairman, NextEra (low-coal utility); chairman, Edison Electric Institute
  • Debra Reed, chief executive, Sempra, natural-gas
  • Frederick W. Smith, chairman, president, and chief executive, FedEx
  • Terry Royer, president and chief executive, Winergy, wind-power company
  • Cynthia Warner, president, Sapphire Energy, biofuel entrepreneur
  • Alex Laskey, president and founder, Opower, smart-grid entrepreneur
  • Walter Isaacson, president and chief executive, Aspen Institute, author of Steve Jobs biography, Chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors
  • Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, president, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, nuclear physicist
  • Dr. Eric Lander, professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, PCAST, biologist
  • Bill Ritter Jr., director, Center for New Energy Economy, Colorado State University, former Democratic Colorado governor
  • Dr. Cass R. Sunstein, professor, Harvard Law School, former Obama OMB OIRA administrator
  • Susan F. Tierney, managing principal, Analysis Group, director, World Resources Institute, Policy Subgroup Chair of the National Petroleum Council’s study of the North American natural gas resources, Bipartisan Policy Center, Obama transition team
  • Heather Zichal, White House energy and climate adviser
  • Dr. John Holdren, White House science adviser
  • Cecilia Muñoz, Domestic Policy Council Director

Obama is scheduled to visit the Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago next Friday for a public speech on energy policy.