House Science, Space, and Technology Committee

Research and Technology Subcommittee

Plastic Waste Reduction and Recycling Research: Moving from Staggering Statistics to Sustainable Systems

2318 Rayburn
Thu, 24 Jun 2021 14:00:00 GMT

Hearing charter

The purpose of this hearing is to discuss federal research and development and standards development needs to help address the plastic waste crisis and barriers to the current recycling system. In addition, the Subcommittee will explore challenges and opportunities for adopting sustainable upstream plastic waste reduction solutions and efficacy of existing lifecycle analysis models for assessing the impact of plastic waste and metrics for sustainability. The Subcommittee will also consider the role that the Plastic Waste Reduction and Recycling Research Act can play in addressing these important issues.

Opening Statements Witnesses
  • Keefe Harrison, Chief Executive Officer, The Recycling Partnership
  • Dr. Marc Hillmyer, Director and Principle Investigator, University of Minnesota National Science Foundation Center for Sustainable Polymers
  • Dr. Gregory Keoleian, Director, Center for Sustainable Systems, Peter M. Wege Professor of Sustainable Systems, School for Environment and Sustainability, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, co-Coordinator, Engineering Sustainable Systems Program, University of Michigan
  • Joshua Baca, Vice President, Plastics Division, American Chemistry Council