House Natural Resources Committee

Full Committee Markup of Reconciliation Budget Plan

Thu, 02 Sep 2021 14:00:00 GMT

On Thursday, September 2, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. EDT via Cisco Webex and livestreamed on the Committee’s YouTube page, the Committee on Natural Resources will meet to consider legislative proposals to comply with the reconciliation directive included in section 2002 of the Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2022, S. Con. Res.14.

At the markup, the Committee will decide on provisions in the bill that will raise revenue and protect American taxpayers from unnecessary industry subsidies and giveaways.

The markup is expected to include:
  • $3 billion to support the Civilian Climate Corps through the Department of the Interior
  • $1 billion for tribal climate resilience and adaptation
  • $900 million for national wildfire management
  • $500 million for a unique Tribal Civilian Climate Corps
  • $225 million for climate resilience and restoration
  • $100 million for mitigating climate-induced weather events
  • $100 million for tribal wildfire management
  • $2.7 billion for overdue Indian water rights settlements
  • $2.5 billion to clean up abandoned hardrock mines and redevelop them for productive use
  • $2 billion for health facility construction, maintenance, and improvement in Indian Country
  • $993 million for hospitals and health infrastructure in U.S. territories
  • $500 million for tribal housing improvements

Download the bill text here.