American Climate Leadership Summit, Day Four: National Faith and Climate Forum

Thu, 31 Mar 2022 15:00:00 GMT

The 11th annual American Climate Leadership Summit 2022 (ACLS 2022) brings together world class speakers and diverse national and local leaders for four days of sharing and collaboration. It is the only national convening exclusively dedicated to building broad public support and political resolve for climate action. ACLS 2022 welcomes climate leaders of all levels–particularly those who are new and active at the local level. Join thousands of leaders like you who seek new connections and practical and immediately actionable guidance for engaging everyone, every day for just and equitable climate solutions.

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11:00 AM-11:15 AM

National Faith + Climate Forum Welcome + Prayer

  • Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas, Missioner for Creation Care, Episcopal Diocese Western MA + S. NE Conf, UCC
  • Rev. Carol Devine, Director, Blessed Tomorrow, ecoAmerica

11:15 AM-11:40 AM

Opening Keynote

Katharine Hayhoe, noted climate scientist and Climate Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance will discuss the importance of engaging people in our communities and congregations into the climate discussion. She will be interviewed by ecoAmerica President, Bob Perkowitz, who recommends every read “Saving Us: A Climate Scientists Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World” by Katharine.

  • Katharine Hayhoe, PhD, Endowed Chair in Public Policy + Public Law; Professor, Texas Tech University
  • Bob Perkowitz, Founder + President, ecoAmerica

11:45 AM-12:25 PM

Our Climate Vocation: Owning Our Calling

Hear from faith leaders who embrace climate as a core part of their ministry, rooted in their unique faith traditions and values, and learn how you too can own your own vocation in solving the climate emergency and working toward climate justice.

  • Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, Special Advisor on Climate Justice to UCC Minister and President, United Church of Christ
  • William Barber III, JD, Founder + CEO, The Rural Beacon Initiative
  • Imam Saffet Abid Catovic, Head, Office for Interfaith + Community Alliances, Islamic Society of North America
  • Susan Varlamoff, Sustainability Consultant, Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

12:30 PM-12:40 PM

Letting Go of Fear

In focus groups and conversations, clergy and lay leaders have shared with Blessed Tomorrow a fear of leading on climate. This can be based on a fear of not knowing enough about the topic, a fear of appearing partisan or political in the pulpit, and/or a fear of taking on one new issue too many in a position with limited capacity and resources.

  • Rev. Dr. Leah Schade, Associate Professor of Preaching + Worship, Lexington Theological Seminary

12:40 PM-12:50 PM

With God’s Help: Climate Advocacy in Fossil Fuel Country

Faith-based climate advocacy can be powerful at the local level, helping to provide a new context for action outside of traditional political boundaries and rhetoric. Hear from a faith leader working in a fossil fuel heavy state like Pennsylvania, and the successes made possible by living and sharing your faith values on climate and holding policy makers accountable to do the same.

  • Ruth Ivory-Moore, Program Director, Environment + Corporate Social Responsibility, ELCA

12:50 PM-01:00 PM

Coping with ecoGrief: What It Is, How to Cope

  • Hannah Malcolm, PhD Candidate, Durham University

01:00 PM-01:40 PM

Disaster Relief: Climate Action

Faith communities are often the first on site in response to a natural disaster, and often the last to leave or those left behind to fend. This deeply-rooted ministry and mission of disaster response, and the human and capital infrastructure already in place, is a way for faith communities to lead on climate action and build community resilience in the face of increasing climate impacts. We can care for our neighbors AND for our climate, but we need the government and other sectors to support this work with resources and funding to prevent disaster and build resilience, not just respond to it afterward. Hear stories from faith communities that have the power to move policymakers to action.

  • Avery Davis Lamb, Co-Executive Director, Creation Justice Ministries
  • Hermina Glass-Hill, MHP, Georgia Field Representative, Oceana
  • Rev. Gerald Godette, Pastor, Reels Chapel AME Zion Church of Beaufort.
  • Rev. Lynn Godette, Pastor, St. Paul AME Zion Church + Cedar Grove AME Zion Church, Aurora, NC

01:40 PM-02:10 PM

Caring for Creation in Congregations + Communities

Faith communities aren’t just preaching and teaching the faith and climate connection, they’re leading to call for and implement climate solutions that can transform their communities in partnership with others. How do they do this? Hear from leaders on communications and strategies to increase action/advocacy through partnership and how to replicate their successes.

  • Deke Arndt, Chief, Climate Science + Services, NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information
  • Tali Deaner, L’Dor Vador College Fellow, Hazon
  • Rev. Carol Devine, Director, Blessed Tomorrow, ecoAmerica
  • Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, Senior Pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ

02:10 PM-02:35 PM

Catalyzing Climate Justice

We can bring forth climate justice, but we need a harmony of voices calling for action. Hear from leaders at the forefront of faith-leader mobilization for climate action about the importance of inviting people to the fight with the right tools, resources, and support. Learn how you can get involved.

  • Raphaela Gold, JYCM College Cohort Fellow, Jewish Youth Climate Movement
  • Nellis Kennedy-Howard, JD, Founder + Principal, Asdzą́ą́ Consulting
  • Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr, President + Founder, Hip Hop Caucus

02:35 PM-02:45 PM

Climate Leaders Needed

Whether it’s the White House, the Statehouse, or your house of worship, our leaders need to hear from us that climate change is a moral issue and demands action now.

  • Rev. Carol Devine, Director, Blessed Tomorrow, ecoAmerica
  • A. Donald McEachin, Congressman (VA-04), US House of Representatives

02:50 PM-03:25 PM

Hear the Call: Faith-based Policy Advocacy

Federal advocacy is key to advancing the bold, sweeping policies needed to ensure we and our future generations have a liveable planet, health and the ability to thrive going forward. There are many ways to get involved and take action along a spectrum of advocacy where all are welcome. Hear from experts about the various opportunities to lift your voice to federal policymakers and receive encouragement to lean in and join others who commit to do more.

  • Dahlia Rockowitz, Washington Director, Dayenu: A Jewish Call to Climate Action
  • Rev. Erica Williams, MDiv, Master of Religion + Public Life Candidate, Harvard Divinity School

03:25 PM-03:35 PM

Advocacy in Action

Are you fired up to get more involved? Hear from leaders about opportunities to engage and the resources available to support you, including the Blessed Tomorrow program and the efforts of our key partners.

  • Rev. Carol Devine, Director, Blessed Tomorrow, ecoAmerica

03:35 PM-03:50 PM

Closing Keynote + Prayer

  • Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley, Board Chair, Interfaith Power + Light

03:50 PM-03:55 PM

Summit Closing

  • Bob Perkowitz, Founder + President, ecoAmerica
  • Meighen Speiser, Executive Director, ecoAmerica

03:55 PM-04:00 PM

Networking Session