House Science, Space, and Technology Committee

Markup of Energy Cybersecurity Scholarships, Privatization of National Weather Service Communications , PFAS research, and COVID-19 research

2318 Rayburn
Tue, 17 May 2022 16:15:00 GMT

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  • H.R. 7569, the “Energy Cybersecurity University Leadership Act of 2022” (Rep. Deborah Ross, D-N.C.), to provide scholarships for energy cybersecurity university programs
  • H.R. 7361, the “National Weather Service Communications Improvement Act” (Rep. Randy Feenstra, R-Ill.), to privatize the NWSChat system
  • H.R. 7289, the “Federal PFAS Research Evaluation Act” (Rep. Lizzie Fletcher, D-Texas), to report on public exposure to PFAS within the year and the toxicity of PFAS within two years.
  • H.R. 7180, the “Brycen Gray and Ben Price COVID-19 Cognitive Research Act”, for research into potential cognitive impairment due to COVID-19