DNC Summer Meeting

Thu, 08 Sep 2022 14:00:00 GMT

The Democratic National Committee will be holding its Summer Meeting on September 8-10 in Maryland. At the Summer Meeting, we will be discussing, among other things: the 2024 Call to Convention, the 2024 Delegate Selection Rules and amendments to the Charter & Bylaws, as well as proposed nominations for DNC members to fill current vacancies. You can find the draft Call to Convention (marked from 2020) and the 2024 Delegate Selection rules (marked from 2020) as well as proposed amendments to the Charter and Bylaws.

Resolution 15, introduced by DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, praises the Inflation Reduction Act.

Resolution 16, introduced by Nebraska chair Jane Kleeb, Nevada chair Judith Whitmer, California delegates RL Miller, David Atkins, Michael Kapp, and Sean Dugar, Maryland’s Larry Cohen, and Nadia Ahmad and Thomas Kennedy of Florida, praises the Inflation Reduction Act and opposes the pipeline permitting and fast-tracking bill supported by Sen. Joe Manchin and drafted by the American Petroleum Institute.