House Energy and Commerce Committee

Markup of Nuclear, Anti-Efficiency, Hydropower, and Other Legislation

2123 Rayburn
Tue, 05 Dec 2023 19:00:00 GMT

A Full Committee markup to consider 44 pieces of legislation.

The legislation to be considered includes the following energy and environmental bills:
  • H.R. 6544, Atomic Energy Advancement Act (Reps. Duncan and DeGette)
  • H.R. 5718, Nuclear Fuel Security Act of 2023 (Reps. Latta, Clyburn, Balderson, and Kuster)
  • H.R. 4167, Protecting America’s Distribution Transformer Supply Chain Act (Rep. Hudson)
  • H.R. 6192, Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act (Rep. Lesko)
  • H.R. 6185, Guaranteeing Reliable Infrastructure Development Act (Rep. Duncan)
  • H.R. 6421, Affordable HOMES Act (Rep. Bucshon)
  • H.R. 4045, Hydropower Clean Energy Future Act (Rep. Rodgers)
  • H.R. ___, Promoting Resilient Supply Chains Act (Reps. Bucshon and Blunt Rochester)
  • H.R. 1797, Setting Consumer Standards for Lithium-Ion Batteries Act, as amended (Reps. Torres, Garbarino, Clarke, Ryan, Bowman, D’Esposito, Espaillat, and Goldman)
  • H.R. 5390, Critical Infrastructure Manufacturing Feasibility Act (Reps. Miller-Meeks, Bucshon, Johnson, Kuster, Schrier, and Spanberger)
  • H.R. 2964, Wastewater Infrastructure Pollution Prevention and Environmental Safety (WIPPES) Act (Reps. McClain and Peltola)
As well as the following technology, consumer protection, and health care bills:
  • H.R. 5677, 5G Spectrum Authority Licensing Enforcement (5G SALE) Act (Rep. Joyce)
  • H.R. ___, Deploying American Blockchains Act (Reps. Bucshon and Blunt Rochester)
  • H.R. 5398, Advancing Tech Startups Act (Reps. Johnson and Phillips)
  • H.R. 5146, Advancing Gig Economy Act (Reps. Joyce and Pence)
  • H.R. 3950, Transparency In Charges for Key Events Ticketing (TICKET) Act (Reps. Bilirakis and Schakowsky)
  • H.R. ___, Speculative Ticketing Oversight and Prohibition Act or the STOP Act of 2023 (Reps. Armstrong, Bilirakis, and Schakowsky)
  • H.R. 6543, No Hidden Fees on Extra Expenses for Stays Act (Rep. Kim)
  • H.R. 6125, Online Dating Safety Act of 2023 (Reps. Valadao and Pettersen)
  • H.R. 5202, Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Reauthorization Act, as amended (Reps. Wasserman Schultz, Burgess, Carter, Allred, Castor, Williams, Garcia, Flood, Ross, Bacon, and Gottheimer)
  • H.R. 6132, Awning Safety Act of 2023 (Reps. Balderson and Castor)
  • H.R. 4310, Youth Poisoning Protection Act (Reps. Trahan, Carey, Porter, and Stewart)
  • H.R. 4814, Consumer Safety Technology Act (Reps. Soto, Burgess, Trahan, and Guthrie)
  • H.R. 2365, National Plan to End Parkinson’s Act (Reps. Bilirakis and Tonko)
  • H.R. 5372, Expanding Seniors’ Access to Lower Cost Medicines Act of 2023 (Reps. Joyce and Peters)
  • H.R. 2880, Protecting Patients Against PBM Abuses Act (Reps. Carter and Blunt Rochester)
  • H.R. 5393, To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to ensure fair assessment of pharmacy performance and quality under Medicare part D, and for other purposes (Reps. Griffith and Carter)
  • H.R. 5385, Medicare PBM Accountability Act (Reps. Landsman and Harshbarger)
  • H.R. 5386, Cutting Copays Act (Reps. McGarvey and Bilirakis)
  • H.R. 4881, To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to limit cost sharing for drugs under the Medicare program. (Reps. Malliotakis and Wenstrup)
  • H.R. 5389, National Coverage Determination Transparency Act, as amended (Reps. Guthrie and Kelly)
  • H.R. 133, Mandating Exclusive Review of Individual Treatments (MERIT) Act, as amended (Reps. Buchanan and Barragan)
  • H.R. 5396, Coverage Determination Clarity Act of 2023 (Rep. Bucshon)
  • H.R. 5371, Choices for Increased Mobility Act of 2023 (Reps. Joyce and Phillips)
  • H.R. 5388, Supporting Innovation for Seniors Act (Reps. Balderson and Buchanan)
  • H.R. 5380, To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to increase data transparency for supplemental benefits under Medicare Advantage (Rep. Sarbanes)
  • H.R. 3842, Expanding Access to Diabetes Self-Management Training Act of 2023, as amended (Reps. Schrier, Bilirakis, and Bucshon)
  • H.R. 5397, Joe Fiandra Access to Home Infusion Act of 2023, as amended (Reps. Fitzpatrick, Dunn and Soto)
  • H.R. 6366, To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act with respect to the work geographic index for physician payments under the Medicare program and to revise the phase-in of clinical laboratory test payment changes under such program (Rep. Hudson)
  • H.R. 6369, To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to extend incentive payments for participation in eligible alternative payment models (Reps. Schrier and Dunn)
  • H.R. 5555, DMEPOS Relief Act of 2023 (Reps. Miller-Meeks and Tonko)
  • H.R. 6545, Physician Fee Schedule Update and Improvements Act (Reps. Miller-Meeks, Schrier, Bucshon, Kelly)
  • H.R. 6364, Medicare Telehealth Privacy Act of 2023 (Reps. Balderson, Dunn, Schweikert, and Carey)
  • H.R. 1352, Increasing Access to Biosimilars Act of 2023 (Rep. Hudson)