House Ways and Means Committee

Markup of Legislation Limiting the Clean Vehicle Credit and other bills

1100 Longworth
Wed, 17 Apr 2024 14:00:00 GMT

Full committee markup of trade legislation:

Bills limiting the Clean Vehicle Tax Credits:
  • H.R. 7983, the “Stop Executive Overreach on Trade Agreements”, to define the term free trade agreement for purposes of the clean vehicle credit (Michelle Fischbach, R-Minn.)
  • H.R. 7980, the “End Chinese Dominance of Electric Vehicles in America Act of 2024”, to exclude vehicles the batteries of which contain materials sourced from prohibited foreign entities from the clean vehicle credit (Carol Miller, R-W.Va.)
Other bills:
  • H.R. 5179, the “Anti-BDS Labeling Act”
  • H.R. 7981, the “Stop China’s Exploitation of Congolese Children and Adult Forced Labor through Cobalt Mining Act”
  • H.R. 7979, the “End China’s De Minimis Abuse Act”
  • H.R. 7986, the “Generalized System Preferences References Reform Act”