Lieberman-Warner Debate: Afternoon Schedule

Posted by Brad Johnson Tue, 03 Jun 2008 17:41:00 GMT

Below is the schedule for the afternoon debate, as agreed to by universal consent before the lunch break. Between each speaker’s alloted time is five minutes for rebuttal from the opposing side. The times below depend, of course, on no additional delays be added to the schedule.
2:15 PMBoxer
2:40 PMInhofe
3:15 PM Kerry
3:50 PM Barrasso
4:10 PMWhitehouse
4:30 PM Grassley
4:50 PM Casey
5:10 PM Enzi
5:35 PM Carper
6:10 PM Alexander
6:35 PM Warner
7:00 PM Bond
7:25 PM Lieberman
8:00 PM Vitter
8:20 PM Nelson (Fla.)
8:40 PM Craig
9:00 PM Democrat to be named
9:20 PM Gregg

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