Youth Speaks: Our Message to World Leaders on Earth Day 2021

Posted by Brad Johnson Tue, 20 Apr 2021 18:30:00 GMT

Earth Uprising’s summit “Youth Speaks: Our Message to World Leaders on Earth Day 2021” will be divided into an opening and closing session, and six short sessions that are based around specific issues. These sessions will inform updates to the opening demands, which will then be presented to President Biden’s World Leaders Summit.

Session 1: Opening
  • Moderator: Lucia Urreta
  • Speakers: Greta Thunberg, Licypriya Kangujam, Vanessa Nakate, and Xiye Bastida.

The speakers will open the summit with short speeches.

Session 2: Freedom to Peaceful Protest and Protect Democracy
  • Moderator: Maria Juliana Duque
  • Speakers: Arshak Makichan, Mitzi Jonelle, Khadija Khokhar, and Sonya Epifantseva

The past year has seen many infringements on global youths’ right to organize, peacefully assemble, and protest. This session of “Youth Speaks” asks what kind of action we want from our world leaders to protect our right to protest, our democracies, and address the disproportionate effect on people of color.

Session 3: Climate Education and Climate Literacy
  • Moderator: Mohammad Ahmadi
  • Speakers: Anisa Nanavati, Farah Mahmoud, Sari Hellara, Nour Al-Kaaby, and Sumayyah Ajani Adetomiwa.

For youth, it is important for us to be taught that climate change is real, and that it is possible to mitigate and adapt. Climate education is needed for a fast, green transition because it will prepare us for green jobs and lifestyles. This education needs to be accessible to everyone, regardless of who they are and where they come from.

Session 4: Climate Migration, Borders and Human Rights
  • Moderator: Mohaddeseh Barghamadi
  • Speakers: Jesus Villalba, Ayisha Siddiqa, Mohab Sherif, and Nadiya Khalif.

Because of climate change, youth are on the frontlines of the growing crisis at the US border, while small island nations in the South Pacific are going underwater threatening their lives and futures. This session discusses why climate migration is a youth issue and asks what kind of action we want from our world leaders.

Session 5: Zero Emissions Timeline and Transition to Renewable Energy
  • Moderator: Brooke Nelson Muzzatti
  • Speakers: Jana Jandal Alrifai, Muska Sadat, and Ayesha Imtiaz.

A rapid decrease in fossil fuel extraction and emission, along with a high speed transition to renewable energy is the key to a habitable planet and livable future for youth. At the core of this transition is climate justice, ensuring that those most impacted by the climate crisis are supported and protected. This session concentrates on obstacles to a just transition and how we can push through them.

Session 6: Preparing the Youth Movement for COP 26 and 2022
  • Moderator: Kevin Mtai
  • Speakers: Kaluki Paul Mutuku, Wendy Gao, Maria Fernanda Duràn, Alisa Salıcı, and Maria Serra Olivella

The youth movement needs to work together to fight for ambitious and productive climate action that acts with the urgency required of this crisis, without empty promises. This session will emphasize how COP26 must be an inclusive space for young people, especially Indigenous and disabled youth climate activists and those from the most affected areas. Past COPs have been funded by the fossil fuels industry, and it is high time that these polluters no longer have influence and presence within these discussions.

Session 7: The Youth Perspective on Adaptation
  • Moderator: Ananya Guruprasad
  • Speakers: Razan Ahmed, Hania Imran, Afrah Qaisar, Daphne Frias, and Aman Sharma

This session will focus on areas of adaptation within policy including disaster management and recovery, and youth climate anxiety and eco grief.

Session 8: Closing
  • Moderator: Christine Leung
  • Speakers: Jerome Foster, Jamie Margolin, Leah Namugerwa, and Catarina Lorenzo.

The moderator and speakers will review the updated youth demands.