Global Warming Committee Launches New Website

Posted by Brad Johnson Tue, 18 Sep 2007 13:42:00 GMT

The House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming has launched its new website at The site has a complex flash interface, featuring “impact zones” around the world. Each flash section, which usually has a heavily boosterish PR tone, links to a more involved webpage, for example: Midwest, New Orleans, China.

There is also a Kids’ Page which right now links to other sites; a Carbon Calculator page which links to various carbon emissions calculators; and a good amount of other content. Of particular interest is the global warming solutions page, as it includes actual policy suggestions. On the science page is a call to pass energy legislation with the Senate’s CAFE standards and the House’s renewable energy standards, with the remarkable claim “it could mean that as much as 25 percent of what we must do can be accomplished in this single piece of legislation”.

The site does not have any RSS feeds or other XML formatting, and witness testimony is only sometimes included, often as Word documents or PDFs. There’s no clear way to search the site.