House Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee

Plug-In Hybrid Cars 1

2319 Rayburn
Thu, 12 Jul 2007 14:00:00 GMT

House Select Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee (Chairman Markey, D-Mass.) will hold a hearing on the potential of plug-in hybrid vehicles. Contact: Moulton, David – Democratic Staff Director at 202-225-4012 Note: There will be a hands-on demonstration of plug-in hybrids at New Jersey Ave S.E. between C and D Sts. after the hearing.

  • Frank Gaffney – president, Center for Security Policy
  • Rob Lowe – actor and adocate
  • David Vieau – president and CEO, A123 Systems
  • Will Wynn – mayor, Austin, Texas

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  1. [email protected] Sun, 16 Dec 2007 04:08:28 GMT

    how much of a tax break do we get on regular hybrids; I cant believe congress they are going after plug in of the future the middlle class needs tax breaks now so we can afford a hybrid and not spend all of our money on gas. It just like congress we need action now so lets give a tax break to a future issue.