Our Generation’s Greatest Challenge: Winning the Race to a Clean Energy Future

Mon, 22 Sep 2014 23:45:00 GMT

A private, off-site dinner sponsored by NRG Energy.

By inspiring consumers to be passionate about how we use and produce energy, we can spur a consumer-led movement that compels a clean energy future. Through collaboration and solutions driven by a shared purpose, we can create positive environmental and economic outcomes unprecedented in scale and ambition—securing the futures of people, the economy, and the planet. Challenged to shift our mindsets toward achieving this goal through creative cooperation at last year’s Annual Meeting, this dinner will bring together corporate leaders to accelerate the race to a clean energy future and fight our generation’s greatest challenge: climate change.


  • David Crane, President and CEO, NRG Energy, Inc.
  • Peter H. Diamandis, Chairman and Founder, X PRIZE Foundation